Finance Summer Analyst Interview Questions

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“You have a Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and a Cash Flow statement. If you could choose two out of the three statements, which two would you choose and why?”

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“While discussing the three items from financial statements that a lender would want to look at, they asked what other things(non-financials) might you want to review of the customer.”

“What are 3 ways you would get out of a blender?”

“Without having a company's financial statements, what is something you should know in order to evaluate whether or not they should receive a loan.”

“How does Prime Brokerage generate revenue?”

“Case study focusing on Asset Liability Management”

“Name a time you have faced an ethical situation and what you did”

“How would you value X company? Calculate FCF, working capital, enterprise value, etc. Does anything strike you as odd about these financial statements? Which? Why?”

“What single financial statement would you choose to value a company and why?”

“What happens if depreciation increases by 10?”

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