Financial Advisor Interview Questions

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“Do you know 10 people off the top of your head who you are in need of financial help and willing to invest?”

“How do you handle rejection?”

“How do you plan on groiwing your business?”

“Writing the Marketing Plan”

“In one of the interviews, the District Advisor asked me. "Why do you want to be a Financial Advisor?"”

“There are many questions they will ask, so make sure to prepare yourself with a few questions to answer before the interview. One of the questions is why do you want to work for Edward jones.”

“why do you want to work for merrill as an FA”

“How do plan to grow your business?”

“Would I be willing to start without financial support and work on a straight commission basis?”

“They asked me several different ways "why did I think I would be good for the position". They also asked how my business worked in the past.”

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