Financial Analyst Intern Interview Questions

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“Please tell us what skills you've learned in school that directly apply to working for The Boeing Company.”

“How do you handle gossip in the workplace?”

“Nothing unusual, very basic behavioral questions... (Tell me about a time when..., Have you ever had a group member do..., etc.)”

“What are things that could be improved for Amazon?”

“What metrics would you use to predict sales of a new store?”

“Two men fishing on boat and caught a total of 49 fish. One caught”

“Basic Equity Investment Approach and Valuation Approach.”

“no technical. all behavioral questions: your strength and shortcomings, how to cooperate in team work”

“If we are making X amount of revenue on 60 units of product and the profit is X - what would the new price point have to be in order to make Y revenue.”

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