Financial Analyst Internship Interview Questions

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“what other information would you want to make your decision more accurate or make you feel more comfortable.”

“put yourself in my position, would you do this project....... ?”

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“While discussing the three items from financial statements that a lender would want to look at, they asked what other things(non-financials) might you want to review of the customer.”

“What are 3 ways you would get out of a blender?”

“a company buys a plant for 10 million dollars using 60% debt and 40% common stock with a 50% tax rate and straight line, where, and by how much does this affect each of the three…”

“They asked me no technical questions and no brain teasers. That was unexpected.”

“How did you prepare for this interview?”

“Why did you choose corporate finance over other types of finance?”

“Where do you want to be in 5 years? 10 years?”

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