Financial Analyst Interview Questions

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“What is the probability of throwing 11 and over with 2 dices”

“You are to write a method getMissingLetters, which takes a String, sentence, and returns all the letters it is missing (which prevent it from being a pangram)”

“You have a bat and a ball. The bat is 1 dollar more than the ball and they both add up to 1.50. How much are each?”

“Pretend 1% of the population has a disease. You have a test that determines if you have that disease, but it's only 80% accurate and 20% of the time you get a false positive, how likely is it you…”

“You are not from a target school, what are you doing here?”

“You have a Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and a Cash Flow statement. If you could choose two out of the three statements, which two would you choose and why?”

“What is an EBITA and what doesn't go into it?”

“Is it better to increase price by 1% or increase customer base by 1%”

“If you were an object, what would you be?”

“No questions were really that difficult. The only brain teaser that was a bit challenging and threw me off a bit initially:

5 stacks of coins that looks identical. each stack has 5 coins each…”

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