Financial Analyst Interview Questions

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“How many angels fit on the head of a pin”

“How much does a new york cabbie make in a day?”

“Tell me about a time where you led a group and it wasn't successful.”

“Why do you want to work at Capital Group?”

“If you invested $100 right now and earned 10% returns in your first year and then lost 10% in year 2, how much money would you have at the end of year 2?”

“What is net present value and how would you use it?”

“What sorts of costs does Amazon face as an online seller of goods?”

“2 men in a boat fishing, 36 fish were caught. One person caught eight times more than the other, how many did each catch?”

Finance Analyst at GE

Nov 14, 2011

“How many traffic lights are there in Houson?”

“Google recieves X dollars of revenue from the US per Y searches and X revenue in UK per Y searchs. However, in Canada Google only gets 0.5X revenue per Y searches. How would you conduct a financial...”

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