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Legal at D&B

Dec 11, 2011

“When you say you were the online editor, what does that really mean?”

“If you have a pulse, and a brain, a personality that they can tolerate and are willing to work long, long hours - you are hired.”

“What happens to LTV when home prices increase?”

“Since I had no experience I was asked how could you apply your skills to this job. Had too be a little creative with the answer.”

“Tell me how you get to Chasflow from Operations departing from Net Income in a Cashflow statement.”

“Based on previous project implementation of Spring Framework , can you customize the transaction processing behavior?”

“Why did I want to leave sales when there was so much more potential to make money there”

“I don't remember.”

“1. What would your friends describe as your most prevalent personality trait that may present challenges to completing the requirements of this position?

2. Explain in detail your process for…”

“I was asked different brain teasers and random statistical questions. Tell me about some non-normal distributions.”

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