Financial Analytics & Research interview questions

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“How is your experience related to the job posted?”

“Database, specifically Microsoft SQL. They are a partner. Also Anti Money Laundering. Their applications for which they support their clients is that. They might think to add some questions about...”

“What salary should you be paid and why?”

“Where do you want to be with position”

“Name the 9 implicit variables in JSP.”

“What do you know about MSCI?”

“The hiring manager stated in the first meeting of the interview process that "If you only work 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week, you will NEVER get your work done. You need to put in a lot more...”

“Deliver up to a 2-page Heuristic Analysis on your Bank or Credit Union website.”

“I was asked the question about ACID implementation in C#. Also was given a problem described as pretty typical for that company and asked how to deal with that model. The overall problem was about...”

“LINQ - pros and cons?”

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