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“Why are you in the job market when you already have a job. I responded to this prior.”

“Everything was not dificult, infact I explained a problem in my credit report before they pulled it up. The interviewer showed extreme discomfort if you ask any questions regarding the negative…”

“The most difficult questions involve previous employment and why you are no longer with an employer.”

“Do you even have an interest in finance or know anything about it?”

“Was asked to describe how I would construct various types of portfolios from the ground up. I was given 3 different client types (I believe they were corp, end/fdn, & public fund) and basically was…”

“Ask me a question.”

“Are you good with dealing with angry customers and how would you manage?”

“How do you deal with stressful moments?”

“What is your salary expectation?”

“How do you train employees?”

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