Financial Assistant Interview Questions

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“How do you handle difficult students?”

“How many quarters could fit in the room?”

“Easy. Just Behavior questions. Ask if you know Excel.”

“Not difficult at all. They only asked me to tell them about myself.”

“When was a time you had to disagree with a team member and how did you handle it?”

“There were no difficult questions because they only wanted to hire employees to catch up on the back work loads.”

“Was more of a easy going walk through of my resume, for their curiosity, not really to get a sense of whether or not i was a good fit. I got the vibe from the start that i was getting the position.”

“why do you want to work here.”

“The questions were very typical, nothing that stood out and nothing too complex”

“Why FXI? Why did you choose your major? What do you know about our industry?”

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