Financial Consultant Interview Questions

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“If two years later you will come to my office and tell you it was a mistake taking this job what will be the reason (this was asked by the partner)”

“They asked alot of questions about regulations which I did not know as I had never been in banking. I thought for sure I wouldn't be hired because I kept having to say "I don't know"”

“What were the names of the managed money platforms did i recommend for my clients?”

“What is one of your weaknesses?”

“What have you done in the past year to develop yourself as a person? As a business person? As a reader?”

“How much is spent on gasoline is consumed in the US every year?”

“Why did you get a B+ in course X?”

“Do you see yourself in this position?”

“Asked about my religion and love life.”

“How do you propose to get clients”

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