Financial Engineer Interview Questions

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“If a 3x3 white cube is painted blue on its face and then cut into 1x1 cube, what are the chances of picking a cube with a blue side from a bag”

“My clock is 9 minutes slow every hour. At noon, it tells the correct time. After how many hours will it again tell the correct time?”

“(Programming Language Test) When casting an object of a polymorphic class from a base class, which kind of cast executes only if it's is valid?”

“Given a sorted sequence of 1 million numbers, write a program to find all pairs of numbers that add to 10.”

“A robot can move only left and down in nXn matrix. Have to get to the bottom right corner of matrix. Write algorithm to find the maximum number paths it can take.”

“Nothing to bad, just need to know your basics well.”

“Some problems were quite difficult for this position. Maybe the interviewers didn't like me personally. Check if two linked list intersect, if so, find the intersection point. Travelling salesman...”

“class A{ void foo(); } class B{void foo1(); } class C {void foo1(); } Design like below: B.foo1() can access, but C.foo1() can not access”

“You have DB which stored employee ID and a cache. Design how to manage a cache from employee ID took from DB.”

“Find the square root of a number without using the standard library function.”

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