Financial Institution Specialist Interview Questions

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“Name a change that you have faced (work or school). What steps did you take and what was the outcome?

Name 2/3 strengths that you have when working with a team. Name a time when you faced a…”

“What is your core work foundation?”

“Tell us about a time when you had to unexpectedly change a procedure or be flexible with a project? Use work, school, or other projects to find an example. Be very detailed.”

“They don't give you a lot of guidance on how to answer the questions, and they don't repeat the questions, after you've begun your answer. Take a pen and paper in and write down the entire question…”

“Group Assessment”

“The questions were standard interview questions.”

“It really wasn't that difficult”

“One of the interview questions was describe a conflict that you faced and how you handled and what was the end result.”

“Give me a time where you were presented with a difficult situation and what you did to overcome it.”

“In addition to answering the questions must explain why, and how you decided on the actions you took.”

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