Financial Leadership Program Interview Questions

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“What can you to manipulate on the I/S to increase operating CF”

“How do you assess the financial state of a company or project?”

“What type of management do you prefer? Why Finance?”

“What would you do with the money that was left over after checking the 10K statement and the income statement?”

“What primary factors would you look at to determine the amount/percentage of raise to give to the employees?”

“What can you tell me about the financial crisis?”

“How do you decide that how much you should push in conflict situation within teams?”

“We are going to implement a new financial system. Are you someone that we can count on? What you're learning curve going to be?”

“Name a time in your life that you felt really had a dramatic effect on your the person you are today”

“Technical interview is by far the most difficult, make sure that when you study to relate everything back to an insurance company.”

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