Financial Service Associate Interview Questions

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“If you were to enter an elevator and there were 9 other people in the elevator, what would you do?”

“State a time when you used your abilities outside of work to accomplish a sale/achieve new business .”

“Personality test: would you describe yourself as: a) hostile b) easy going c) .....

Should the 1st ppl you contact to sell to be your family members? yes or no”

“The aptitude test consisted of questions such as:

Is the quantity in column A greater than the quantity in column B given X is..... and 2x+y”

“The hiring manager asked me how I'd feel soliciting financial services to my family members, and how exactly would I go about doing so.”

“Some question about people sitting next to each other according to a set of rules like A left of B, C right of A, D within 2 seats of A, etc.

Then having to answer questions like Can A sit in an…”

“Tell me about yourself.”

“Why do you want to get back into the insurance field?”

“If I had to choose one I guess it would be when she asked if I could start at the beginning
of the next week. I don't like to burn bridges so I wanted to give a two weeks notice on my

“Are you looking for full-time or part-time (and other such generic questions because they don't care about your qualifications, they just want your 200 people list. What better way is there to get…”

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