Financial Services Intern Interview Questions

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“Can you think of a time when you demonstrated good customer service?”

“Why do you want to join FSO (Financial Services Office)?”

“How much is spent on gasoline is consumed in the US every year?”

“Why did you get a B+ in course X?”

“Well the second interview managed a hedge fund prior to coming to PwC, so the first thing he asked was a cryptic question regarding the current state of the capital markets and why I think it would…”

“What made you decide to join audit”

“What can you tell me about Deloitte; specifically FAS?”

“In general it was actually pretty easy. It is a basic internship that gives the interns more of a look into the career path as opposed to actually having them be responsible for anything besides just…”

“Explain an instance where you overcame an obstacle, and how did you learn from it?”

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