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“Well the second interview managed a hedge fund prior to coming to PwC, so the first thing he asked was a cryptic question regarding the current state of the capital markets and why I think it would...”

“Did you ever want to start your own business and why or why not?”

“'We pay below market salary and the CFO will rarely sign-off on a salary bump when promoted, how do you plan to manage your obligations?'”

“If you could change something about yourself what would it be and why? Name a time you provided excellent customer service and why? If a customer named three things for you to do, what would you...”

“The second interview which was a one on one interview; reviewed training bonuses, compensation options, and licensing process. I was asked why I thought I would be good in this industry and what...”

“Q1: How would your last boss rate your attendance (from 1-10)? Q2: What does accountability mean to you?”

“How many people do you know within a 50 miles radius?”

“Please explain your financial knowledge.”

“Use five words or phrases to describe yourself.”

“How much is spent on gasoline is consumed in the US every year?”

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