Financial Services Representative Interview Questions

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“Do you want the postion?”

“The brain teaser: You have 9 rubber balls, and a scale. One of the rubber balls is weighted less than the others. You can use the scale twice. How do you find which ball is weighted differently?”

“How big is your natural market?”

“Tell me about about a situation you had that proved to be difficult for you?”

“What economic term can you explain in terms that anyone can understand?”

“I was asked to define what a financial advisor was.”

“When I told them I knew there was no salary and asked what the commission structure was, I watched them squirm and tell me they couldn't tell me that. Also, when I asked them how many VPs there were…”

“Are you comfortable competing with others”

“What do you think of this X dollar deposit goal?”

“What other opportunities are you considering or do you have lined up?”

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