Financial Software Developer Interview Questions

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“how many blocks on an n x n megablock are not on the edge?”

“Write a java program that can convert a string of numbers (e.g. "5387") into an integer (5387).”

“How to find out whether a number is odd or even.”

“You have 4 aces and a king in a set of cards, what's the probability of get kind before all aces.”

“How do you reverse a linked list”

“How would you print a linked list in reverse order?”

“There is a panel containing 3 light switches in front of you. Each switch controls a light in a room somewhere. Doesn't really matter where. You can play with the switches as much as you like, but...”

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“Can you cover an 8x8 chess board with dominos if two corner squares are removed (not two from the same side, 2 diagonal from each other). A domino covers 2 squares and no dominos can hang over the...”

“Given 2 eggs, how would you find the exact floor at which the egg breaks when thrown from a building comprising 100 floors”

“25 racehorse question. Given 25 horses a track that can only race 5 at a time, what is the fewest # of races to find the top 3 ranked horses?”

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