Financial Software Development Interview Questions

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“Write a function to convert First Name, Last Name to Last Name, First Name.”

“How to find the medium number of a given array.”

“How do you reverse a number without storing it in an array Ex: 412 should be printed as 214”

“How do you remove extra parenthesis in a given equation Ex: ((a+b))*c should be converted to (a+b)*c”

“Now if you have a sorted array, how will you search for an element?”

“sorting the red and green balls.RRRRRGGGGGGGG to RGRGRGRGRGGGGG”

“6 face dice. He rolls 1 to win, and me 6. He rolls first, what's the probability that he eventually win.”

“Write a program to reverse each word in a string and remove spaces say "i am good" to "imadoog".”

“Given an array of 1..n numbers with 2 numbers missing in it find the missing ones.”

“Write a program that verifies that a binary tree is a binary search tree.”

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