Firmware Engineer Interview Questions

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“Given a cube made of NxN sub cubes, find the number of cubes that are no exposed to the outside.”

“How to swap the values in 2 variables without using a temporary variable.”

“If you have two devices that can interrupt your program and you want to give priority and atomicity to one of the processes over the other, but you cannot use a semaphore or mutex, how would you do…”

“Write a c functions that takes two bit indices and an int, and reverses the bits in the int between the two indices.”

“How to invert all the bits in a byte? e.g. 0x55 should be changed to 0xAA.”

“Name a few different types of registers.”

“Puzzles 1:

You have rope that take 60 min to burn. Speed of burning is not uniform. Example: it doesn't take 30 min to burn half

Using two ropes, how would you get 45 min?



“1 what is priority inversion?

2 what is the biggest challenge in your previous projects? how you solve it”

“They were looking for someone to write firmware in C++ and had a small program as part of test for this. Since I had indicated my experience in this are was from many years ago and not very long in…”

“Swap two numbers without using a temporary variable”

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