Firmware Engineer Interview Questions

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“Difference between and abstract class and an interface”

“What are your strengths and weaknesses?”

“Describe the two different uses of the "volatile" keywork in C.”

“What techniques would you use to reduce power consumption in an embedded system?”

“What kind of data structure would you use to store data from a serial receive line?”

“even though knowing that i was from Electrical Engineering background they kept asking me core computer science algorithms which i didn't had much answer to.
I don't remember exactly the questions…”

“How OS identify how much DDR is there?”

“How many pins in a JTAG cable?”

“You are in one room with three light switches, only one of which controls a light in another room. All the switches are in the off positiona and the light is currently off. You have one opportunity…”

“Technical C programming and logic questions.”

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