Firmware Engineer Interview Questions

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“Given 2 32 bit numbers, how do u multiply them using 8bit multipliers?”

“What are the main disadvantages of a recursive function call in C in a resource constrained embedded system?”

“how do u pass Variable number of arguments in C?”

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“qtns abt OFDM, qtns abt cyclic prefix, qtns abt wideband channel, qtns abt block convolution: overlap save”

“Given 25 red balls & 25 blue balls. Arrange them in 2 bowls such that when a ball is picked randomly from one of bowls, the probability of picking red ball is maximum??”

“Bit checking a 32 bit number, recursive searching of binary trees. Writing unit tests for simple code algorithms. After writing code, was asked to optimize it. All questions were C. Also, they...”

“What byte is the ONFI extended status command?”

“What different ways can you get information to/from a device driver to user space?”

“What is an interface?”

“What is an abstract class?”

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