Firmware Engineer Interview Questions

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“How to estimate the DP SNR?”

“For me it was a behavioral question about designing a spice rack for a visually impaired chef.”

“A co-worker said he was asked if he is more comfortable in the time domain or position domain.”

“If a SATA drive is pulled off from an mid-level SAS expander to which the device is connected using SATA bridge and if the SATA drive is inserted back into the expander, how does the Host software…”

“Tell me about linux internals and linux kernal.
What is a heap and a stack?
Difference between list and tuple in python.
What is an zombie process, how do you deal with it?
What is interrupt…”

“most "difficult" was a discussion of an IO driver, embracing merits/demerits of implementation methods, including polled v's interrupt, OS impact, buffering, layering etc”

“They kept asking me why am I leaving my current company.”

“How strong are you in C Programming on a scale of 1-10”

“given the code in C, it involve double pointers, and you have to dereference the double pointer. How is the double pointer going to look like in main memory.”

“Pretty standard questions, Partly because I was interviewing for unique (for them) position, most of their work is Cloud, Webserver, database, Provisioning. The needed a Linux Hacker and did not…”

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