Firmware Engineer Interview Questions

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“given rand(4) function,write code for rand(9) so that the random numbers are generated with equal probability.
write a function to determine pow(x,n)
find an element in a rotated sorted array…”

“Just simple resume questions and past experience.”

“Put a car ECU down and asked me how i would go about getting information about the device and working with it.”

“Know your stuff, they will ask tech questions. Just basic engineering stuff, logic gates, algorithms for C programming, data structures and hexadecimals and binary. These are prob most important to…”

“I was asked what would be the best way to deal with a piece of hardware that was constantly sending interrupts to an OS with a command buffer of 64.”

“Hardest part of the interview was the impromptu technical questions. Not necessarily hard but kinda puts you out of your comfort zone. I haven't done any Firmware development for Hard Drive/ SSD…”

“Describe why OFDM works as well as it does. Describe QAM modulation and the effects of channel offsets”

“Given a selection of assembly language code, describe the function you're seeing's purpose.”

“Mostly behavioral type of questions and resume specific questions. Elevator design problem.”

“I was given a computer and asked to write code to solve a real-world problem they had dealt with recently. The parameters of the problem were typed up and the parameters were to use c to program the…”

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