Firmware Engineer Interview Questions

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“given the code in C, it involve double pointers, and you have to dereference the double pointer. How is the double pointer going to look like in main memory.”

“Do you have anytime you did not finish the project.”


“Pretty standard questions, Partly because I was interviewing for unique (for them) position, most of their work is Cloud, Webserver, database, Provisioning. The needed a Linux Hacker and did not...”

“Even though this job did not indicate a working knowledge of electromechanical devices, such as motors, be prepared for it. Many code writers do not have experience in this area.”

“given rand(4) function,write code for rand(9) so that the random numbers are generated with equal probability. write a function to determine pow(x,n) find an element in a rotated sorted array...”

“Explain on Whiteboard the complete block diagram and workflow of my project in the last company”

“Circuit design and analysis and DSP related”

“Just simple resume questions and past experience.”

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