FLDP Interview Questions

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“You sell a product for $1,000 in october. You recieve $500 in october and $500 in november. How do you recognize the sale?”

“You buy machinary for $10,000. It has a useful life of 5yrs and $5,000 salvage value. What is your depreciation expense”

“tell me about a time where you had a conflict with someone you were managing and it did NOT have a good outcome? What would you have done differently?”

“Talk about the main financial statements. Which of the statements do you find most important/useful and why?”

“Why are you interested in the FLD program?”

“What would you do with the money that was left over after checking the 10K statement and the income statement?”

“What primary factors would you look at to determine the amount/percentage of raise to give to the employees?”

“What are the 3 financial statements and tell me how one applies to the others”

“What is a hurdle rate?”

“How do you use statistics in financial planning?”

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