Floor Interview Questions

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“What experiences do you have that are related to the position you are appling for???”

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“Tell about a problem and how you fixed it”

“why should we hire you?”

“You have a customer looking for a small product that you are unfamiliar with and another customer comes up for help with a much larger and more expensive purchase. What do you do?”

“Pretend you were helping a mom find a pair of shoes for her 3 year old son. As you are helping her, you realized that the correct size is not on the shelf, what would you do?”

“Since you rated yourself high in product knowledge in the ____ department, pick a product from that department and pretend that you're selling it to us.”

“Describe a time you had to coach a team member for performance issues.”

“What do you know about Sport Chalet?”

“Tell me about a time where you made a difficult decision?”

“Describe a situation where you helped someone without them asking?”

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