Food & Beverage Manufacturing interview questions

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“Why do you want to move from your current job?”

“How old are you?”

“You are an ABM for Chips Ahoy. You notice that sales/revenue is up 5% compared to last year but your total share of the cookie category has declined 5%. How do you explain this apparent contradiction?”

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“Tell me about yourself and your experience.”

“Do you believe in a higher power?”

“The following is the case study:

Good Afternoon! It’s 3:30pm on Wednesday, and you are the night loading Product Available Supervisor at PBC’s Denver Production and Distribution Center. You have…”

“Describe some experiences in Brand Management that you've encountered.”

“what makes you any different from any of the other employees we are interviewing”

“What would you do if a product was about to launch and the manufacturing plant called to say the wrong ingredients had been delivered?”

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