Food Service Attendant Interview Questions

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“Tell about a time you interacted with children and what did you do”

“What was a time when you had to suggest going to a certain restaurant, ride, or entertainment place? How did you do it and was it successful?”

“How did you deal with a person in a previous situation (school, work....) that didn't do what they were supposed to?”

“Tell me about a boring task you had and what you did to make it not so bad.”

“Describe a difficult situation and what was the outcome.”

“Why do you want to work at sea world?”

“Whould you work better as a team member or individually? Why?”

“Why are u better than the other candiates?”

“Tell me about a time you recommended a movie to a family member and what was the outcome.”

“Describe a situation when you had to work with someone you didn't like and what was the outcome.”

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