Formal Interview Questions

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“There wasn't any unexpected or difficult questions. I just had the impression that he didn't read previously my Resume, as he was confused about my former Bank employer.”

“The interview was a joke. It was formal however he barely looked at my resume and only asked a couple questions. Probably the hardest was "Why are you interested in working for us." Really a fluff…”

“Well, the most difficult for me was when they found out I was a military veteran and then the interview became very casual and I was asked what it was like to be in the military in the early 80's and…”

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“Why use Assertion-based verification for slow peripherals? What is the disadvantage of functional verification for these devices?”

“What did you do at your former employers?”

“Where would you like to be 5 years or 10 years from now?”

“I've been on several job interviews before so nothing came out of left field. She asked about my experiences, my education, and what i knew about the company. I guess the thing to remember is read…”

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