Fraud Analyst Interview Questions

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“Are you ready for your SAS exam?”

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“The interviewer did a small test during the interview in which the interviewee would have to determine, among a series of "flight paths and customer information," which "purchases" were fraudulent.”

“Describe a time you disagreed with management...”

“I do not remember the exact way it was asked but they inquired about my opinion and any potential offense I had to pornography.”

“When you need to explain your company position (A) to a customer thats different than perceived (B).”

“The questions were fairly straightforward, there was nothing unusual or difficult asked. Work history, work ethics, communication skills, etc. Typical job interview questions.”

“What talents and skills are you bringing to the analyst team?”

“Why have you changed jobs so many times?”

“What type of people do you have the hardest time getting along with?”

“How do you handle work-life balance?”

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