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“Unexpected questions would have to be the terminology question(s). You can learn all of those from their website.”

“Do you think you are successful now?”

“Nothing difficult or unexpected, all behavioral. The one I didn't give good answer was "what's your career path?"”

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“I believe these were the 3 questions they asked:

Name a time you experienced change in the workplace.

Tell me about a time your customer had a negative experience and what you did to resolve it…”

“Short term goal, that can be tricky”

“Nothing particularly difficult was asked.
*Why should AmEx hire you for this position?
*Why do you want this position with AmEx?
*How have you dealt with an upset customer/resolved a situation…”

“Behavior-based interview questions. Nothing that would throw you for a loop if you complete a self-assessment on your own beforehand.”

“"How do you feel about... um... adult material that you might see on the job like this."”

“Which do you think is better, a person that manages a third party payment solution package, or someone who can develop one from scratch?”

“The questions were very laid back and more of a friendly atmosphere as opposed to a formal interview. I was asked to name the capitals of certain countries, what I like to do for fun, my analyzing…”

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