Freight Conductor Interview Questions

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“Have you ever lied to a previous employer?”

“Name a time where you witnessed a safety violation?....Name a time where you have violated a safety policy?”

“Tell us about a time you had to improve co workers moral?”

“The most difficult question is not even that hard, " was there ever a time you caught someone breaking a safety rule, what did you do?"”

“the interview is basicly a behavoirly interview. Like if the engineer disagrees with you on what should be done what would you do?”

“Describe a safety violation you witnessed and tell me how you addressed the issue?”

“Can you keep this a secret?”

“Name a time when someone was doing something unsafe and what did you do. When was a time you were asked to do something unsafe. When was a time you had to motivate a group of people do do…”

“Have you ever done anything unsafe or seen some one do something unsafe and what did you do about it.”

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