Front Desk Agent Interview Questions

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“"What did you like least about your previous job"”

“What does luxury mean to you?”

“If a pre-booked guest wanted a nonsmoking room but the only availability was smoking, how would you handle the situation?”

“How would you add to the team?”

“What are your weaknesses? *this was worded a bit differently but same idea”

“If a guest came up to you and revealed that they were celebrating something special (i.e. anniversary, birthday, etc.), what would you do to go above and beyond and show them that Embassy Suites…”

“How would you deal with a drunk guest at the front desk flirty with a co-worker that won't go to his room?”

“Tell me a bit about your resume.”

“nothing difficult all he wants to know is if your willing to work hard for min. pay”

“How do you deal with an angry guest”

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