Front End Engineer Interview Questions

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“Given an input array and another array that describes a new index for each element, mutate the input array so that each element ends up in their new index. Discuss the runtime of the algorithm and…”

“Find the Kth hisghest element in a given array.”

“Design a data structure to store sparse 2D matrix which contains only 0 or 1. then write function to add 2 such matrix.”

“How would you pick the middle element of a list”

“randomize an array.”

“Given 2 very large numbers, each of which is so large it can only be represented as an array of integers, write a function to multiply them.”

“In a given list of words, find matching words in the list that can be generated from the patterns of a given word.”

“Write a function to compute the square root of a number without using any built-in functions.”

“How would you position an object side by side”

“Write a function to reverse a linked-list.”

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