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“How many years of experience do you have?”

“You know this job you're applying for requires 5-7 years of experience, right?”

“Name a time where you were stuck in a situation you didn't know how to work it out?”

“The most difficult question for me ever in an interview question is when they ask me what I would do in various scenarios because I don't know if the company is lokking for a particular answer or how...”

“Please tell us about your front end development experience, particularly Java and ASP.NET?”

“Build a calendar using whatever JavaScript framework that you wish. The calendar must display properly, and you should be able to select the days of a given month in the calendar. However, there are...”

“How much I expected to make.”

“Describe a time when you had to make a difficult decision.”

“What are 6 rights of merchandising?”

“Text book type question about semantic html, wasn't really hard but it was the type of question where you pause and try to remember the phrasing of a concept you've absorbed rather than described.”

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