Front End Web Developer Interview Questions

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“What is a JavaScript callback function?”

“Why does Javascript have two ways of getting HTML elements for example one way is to use getElementByID and another is document.[element].[value]”

“In Javascript what's the difference between a double equal sign and a triple equal sign.”

“What happens when you click on the URL.”

“Explain some examples of CSS3-specific features which are safe to use cross-browser (including IE6) and how to use them.”

“If we wanted to implement a method of tracking every click that the user made on the site, how would we want to do this?”

“Why BioWare?”

“"If you were stranded on a desert island, what three development tools would you bring with you?"”

“What does HTML stand for?”

“Using the first sibling selector in the layout of a photo gallery using css-only.”

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