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“All were the basic questions you would expect, because they read from the papers left on the table by the store manager. One they kept asking was about my seasonal job, that I wasn't going back to…”

“Sell me this pen. I have to try to sell them a plain pen. Also had to sell them air.”

“How many ways can you arange five people at a round table, such that there they are in increasing age order (clockwise or anti-clockwise)?”

“"Do you know SAP?" "The current employee in this position seems to have a lot of free time - what would you do to occupy your downtime?"”

Sales at IQAir

Mar 25, 2014

“i finally got fed up with the constant excuses about HR being too busy to return a single phone call and cancelled my "assessment",”

“If someone stole something (either an employee or a customer), what would you do?”

“Do you have a fax machine to send in your acceptance?”

“Why would you recommend Monster HDMI cables versus generic brand?”

“True or false: people do lots of annoying things.”

“Explain the reason for your time lapse in jobs.”

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