Full Time Sales Lead Interview Questions

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“What would I do if there was an upset customer”

Sales Lead at REI

Oct 5, 2014

“Sell me an REI membership.”

“Tell me about a time where you made a decision that lost the company money deliberately.”

“If I were promoted over my coworkers, how would I deal with potential attitude conflicts (etc)?”

“Are you committed to Aeropostale's future?”

“One of the scenarios was a man not being able to purchase because he had to talk to his wife.”

“My interviewer wanted to see if I could think on my toes, so he told me he wanted me to answer his questions as quickly as i could.”

Sales Lead at Express

May 12, 2011

“what were you previous duties?”

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“On your busiest day, how do you manage your time?”

“No hard questions asked - most was easy dialogue about their product.”

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