Full Time Team Supervisor Interview Questions

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“They asked if I had a family and how many childeren I have. Very awarkard.”

“How would you handle delivering feedback an employee who does not wish to be coached?”

“There questions were pretty standard and there was nothing out of the ordinary.”

“I don't remember any particularly difficult questions. I knew I wasn't right for the job so I said so in the interview and they appreciated my honesty. I was later promoted to a new hire class…”

“no difficult or unexpected questions.”

“Why do you want to work for Staples? Your response to this question shows management if you want to work at Staples just to have a temporary job or if you really want to grow with the company.”

“What do you know about Demand Side Management and other energy saving initiatives.”

“How do you provide negative feedback”

“Typical interview questions about strengths, experience, hypothetical situations. Had to fill out two essay questions.”

“Describe a time when you had a disagreement or argument with a superior. Tell me what happened, the reason for the argument/disagreement, the outcome, and how you handled the situation.”

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