Fund Analyst Interview Questions

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“All standard questions, what was difficult was relating very little work experience to the questions they asked. For example, give me a time where you out preformed on a project or task. Had to…”

“Tell me why you should be hired?”

“what kind of analysis techniques do you know?”

“If you were arrested for something that you believed wasn't wrong, what would you do?”

“Describe a time you had to make chages to a plan/schedule, how you did so, and what was the end result.”

“What would you do for $1,000?”

“Where do you see yourself in 15 years.”

“Tell me about a project in school that required teamwork and analytical thinking.”

“1)What is a put option? 2) What is a call option? 3) What is a CDS? How does it work?”

“What does your closet/wardrobe look like?”

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