Fundraiser Interview Questions

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“When is it appropriate to stop asking a prospect for money?”

“Why do you want to work at Heritage?”

“As a nursing student, how do you expect to fit in a part time job along with a course load?”

“If you found out your coworker was taking money, what would you do?”

“How would you increase the revenue and participation in a fundraising event that didn't have a lot of either the previous year?”

“What is your favorite TV show? Why?”

“Lots of questions about your experience in a fast-paced environment. They also asked about how I was able to take my goals and make them a reality.”

“Unexpected - How easy do you get angry. I realized afterwards it's because the public are VERY mean to canvassers.”

Fundraiser at Telefund

Sep 18, 2013

“Scenario question - what would I say if someone said they couldn't give right now!”

“About some jobs on my resume that I had bundled together, making it appear that I had job-hopped.”

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