Fundraiser Interview Questions

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“When is it appropriate to stop asking a prospect for money?”

“Why do you want to work at Heritage?”

“If you found out your coworker was taking money, what would you do?”

“How would you increase the revenue and participation in a fundraising event that didn't have a lot of either the previous year?”

“What is your favorite TV show? Why?”

Fundraiser at Telefund

Sep 18, 2013

“Scenario question - what would I say if someone said they couldn't give right now!”

“About some jobs on my resume that I had bundled together, making it appear that I had job-hopped.”

Fundraiser at Telefund

Oct 31, 2011

“Why should Obama be re-elected?”

“He asked me about something personal I had put in my cover letter.”

“What did you hear in the calls that you listened to-who did you listen to? What was the message? How many pledges did you hear?”

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