Geek Squad Operations Agent Interview Questions

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“Explain the concept of a hard drive and memory to a really old lady and what does it mean if a hard drive crashed?”

“Tell me about a time you had to deal with a difficult person or situation and what the resultant outcome was”

“No really difficult questions. Anything to do with employees stealing is met with instant termination though. No chances. Those questions are meant to trip good-natured people up.”

“What was your worse job you ever had and why?”

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“What will you do if a customer is upset that his device isn't ready for pickup? (GM QUESTION)”

“Customer service questions and technical questions”

“What would you do if you seen someone snatch an item in plain view and walk out of the store?”

“A lot of "what would you do" questions. No questions were relevant to the actual job. Questions were a joke.”

“How would you handle a situation with an angry customer?”

“They asked me to sell a pen...Pretty typical.”

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