General Employee Interview Questions

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“Do you want to work here?”

“How was your previous experience.”

“I was asked if I was comfortable with toilets, dirty bathrooms, and cleaning.”

“Why did you apply to Einsteins?”

“Unexpected: "We are a in a certain business sector, How do you feel about guns and knives?" This was not a joke question, gun holsters, rifle scopes, and knives are what they sell most of online.”

“How would you handle a customer complaint?”

“They ask you a lot about your employment history, your habits, and health. Very personal interview.”

“Name a time you had a problem with another employee or supervisor, what was the issue, how did you go about handling it, how was it resolved?”

“What other commitments do you have?”

“Q: "You're asked by a manager to go clean up a spill, on your way to get the paper towels you're stopped by a customer. The customer wants a refill on her popcorn, what do you do?"”

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