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Mar 29, 2010

“If you had 5,623 participants in a tournament, how many games would need to be played to determine the winner”

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“"Jeff Bezos walks into your office and says you can have a million dollars to launch your best entrepreneurial idea. What is it?"”

“Write an algorithm to determine if 2 linked lists intersect”

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“Find the deepest common ancestor of two nodes in a tree structure.”

“Number of 1's in binary representation of integer?”

“Most of them were expected. Almost all are problem solving questions. 1. Given a BST with following property find the LCA of two given nodes. Property : All children has information about their...”

“If you saw someone steal a quarter. Would you report it?”

“Traverse nodes in a binary tree”

“Write an algorithm to determine whether a given number is of the form (2^n)+1, where n is an integer.”

“Implement a function to validate whether a given binary tree is a BST (i.e. write an isBST() function).”

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