General Merchandise & Superstores interview questions

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“Honestly most of the questions were fairly easy. A tough one was perhaps when was the last time you were faced with a deadline and how did you overcome this to get the task done on time.”

“Name A time you had a problem with a customer? What was the problem? How did you reslove the problem? What was the final outcome?”

“Our operations kick off significant cash. How would you go about funding store expansion in countries in which Wal-Mart has a small foot print? Specifically, would you make a USD denominated loan to…”

“Do you see yourself with the company in years?”

“The most difficult question was: "Why are you more suited for this position than all of the other applicants?"”

“What would you do if you had a unhappy customer?”

“Why would I feel they should choose me?”

“in what ways do you know how to train associates? give a specific example..and name how you personally have helped associates overcome problems in the work place? how did you do so? what was the…”

“When have you had competing priorities and how did you work with them?”

“What is your best and worst quality?”

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