General Repair & Maintenance interview questions

Sherwin-Williams Interviews  /  HQ: Cleveland, OH

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CompuCom Interviews  /  HQ: Dallas, TX

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Textron Interviews  /  HQ: Providence, RI

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Interview Questions

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“How long would it take for you to....?”

“Tell Me About Yourself”

“Just a general conversation about how much money I was interested in making”

“Why should we commit to that salary, it's twice the norm?”

Engineering at Trane

Mar 3, 2015

“As mentioned, there were no specific questions. The interview was aimed at seeing if you would fit into a sales role position.”

“What can you do?”

“I was given a situation to explain the troubleshooting steps where someone wanted you physically locate a server given the server name.”

“Are you looking to work alot?”

“Will you have a problem meeting our 75% travel requirement for the position?”

“Gear ratios of a faulk gear drive”

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