General Repair & Maintenance interview questions

Sherwin-Williams Interviews  /  HQ: Cleveland, OH

298 Interviews

2.6 Easy

CompuCom Interviews  /  HQ: Dallas, TX

111 Interviews

2.2 Easy

Textron Interviews  /  HQ: Providence, RI

59 Interviews

2.6 Average

Interview Questions

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“How long would it take for you to....?”

“Tell Me About Yourself”

“Just a general conversation about how much money I was interested in making”

“Why should we commit to that salary, it's twice the norm?”

“What can you do?”

“I was given a situation to explain the troubleshooting steps where someone wanted you physically locate a server given the server name.”

“Gear ratios of a faulk gear drive”

“Do you think you could do this job.”

“What are your goals?”

“What are your strengths?”

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