General Repair & Maintenance interview questions

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“Why Corning?”

“When has you integrity (not to take the easy way out but do the hard thing that's the right thing) been challenged and how did you respond? I was asked this 2-3 times by different interviewers.”

“Do I know anything about the HVAC Industry. At that point, I do not, however all training was given to me.”

IT Manager at CompuCom

Aug 24, 2012

“Not many...too many of the people I interviewed with just wanted to talk a lot, so I let them.”

Truck Driver at Vamac

Mar 8, 2014

“Why I had 3 employers in the past 10 years(they kind of felt I was unstable), as far as work history.”

“Tell me about your weakness
Which course do you like least?”

“All pretty much standard cliche interview questions.”

“How to configure SSL vhosts on apache”

“where do you see yourself in 5 yr.”

“Have you ever worked on printers?”

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