General Worker Interview Questions

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“They take your previous work history and ask you random questions. For instance they asked how I would handle a specific situation regardless if it had ever happened or not in my former job.”

“Describing difficult work situations
both pysically demanding, and a demand on your time with rotating shifts and mandatory overtime. They ask if you can do these things.”

“Do you see yourself with the company in 10 years?”

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“Very generic questions...tell us about yourself, what was the toughest thing about your last job, etc.”

“None of the questions were difficult. Very inexperienced interviewer.”

“Tell me about the last time you got into an argument with a coworker.”

“What are my biggest strengths or weaknesses.”

“No trick questions. Just asked if I had done this type of work before.”

“why do you want to work here”

“Just asked about past work history, basic behavioral questions, did I have any experience operating warehouse equipment i.e. pallet jack, cherry picker, forklift”

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