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“How would you handle a situation where you were a manager and one of your employees was not completing his or her tasks?”

“What are your strong points?”

“I will say, when he asked me if I have worked in exploration team before. He did not give me a single second to respond and moved on to another question.”

“What was a situation in which you had a disagreement with another employee?”

Geologist I at Apache

Apr 2, 2014

“Asking the process by which I do my job”

“Why I couldn't move closer to the job site.”

Geologist at Shell

Jun 13, 2013

“I'm a graduate student with no job experience in my field, so the online assessment was baffling, because it was full of questions apparently aimed at applicants who have been previously employed…”

“Tell us about yourself.”

“The most striking question they asked me was if I felt comfortable managing local crews of men out in the field, for tasks like drilling.”

“The interview was just primarily a series of standard personality/behavior questions, such as describe a challenge you overcame (the example they gave was fixing a flat tire), or describe a time you…”

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