Geotechnical Engineer Interview Questions

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“If you could pick one, are you more so someone who enjoys starting a problem or finishing one?”

“Describe what you know about EBMUD”

“the interview Seemed very personal and they wanted to know anything everything about you. the questions were more geared toward your personality and not about your college experience. I feel so after…”

“Name a time you disobeyed a superior to get a job done (repeat)?”

“Would you consider focusing on and becoming an "expert" in trenchless engineering? (The office I work for does a lot of HDD/trenchless work for big oil and gas)”

“Name 3 of your biggest strengths and 2 of your biggest weaknesses.”

“No difficult or unusual/unexpected questions”

“Nothing out of the ordinary. Just questions about my background and resume.”

“What was your most difficult problem and what was the solution.”

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